Them Guests



2013-08-23 16.10.16



My mother in law with Gotcha layered with Moonlight & Roses

2013-08-23 18.27.11

Bridesmaid, Iben with homemade mix on toenails


2013-08-23 22.16.16

Bridesmaid, Mitzi getting her natural nails extended with CND Brisa gel

2013-08-23 23.15.55

Bridesmaid Mitzi now with Shellac in homemade color


2013-08-23 23.16.40

Bridesmaid, Maria wearing beautiful Dark Lava


2013-08-24 00.19.21

Bridesmaid, Diana wearing Studio White faded with Cake Pop

2013-08-26 19.19.41

Little sis’ wearing Hollywood and red glitter

2013-08-26 19.20.03

Other little sis’ wearing Hot Chilis with gold glitter


2013-08-26 19.20.24

My dads wifey wearing Tutti Frutti!


2013-08-26 19.21.37


Still be missing pictures of the other Bridesmaids (5 in all) and some of the other guest. Oh well, might be the one wedding where all guests have beautiful nails 😉


Have you ever thought of offering a manicure to a guy before? Yes, why? Add if no? Howcome? Men tend to have really rough looking nails, with hangnails, uneven edges and seriously dry cuticles.  Oh well, I just did my H2B nails, as we’re getting hitched (for Shizz’!) on Saturday I insisted on fixing his nails up a bit.

Here’s a picture tutorial on my version of a male-manicure.

2013-08-28 18.04.42Before:


2013-08-28 18.08.31

Add Cuticle Away to each cuticle, let it work it’s business 1-2 minutes, then wipe off with a lintfree pad, and gently remove non-living tissue on nailplate  – AND please cut of hangnails and the heavy and dried up cuticle – be careful not to remove living tissue around the eponychium.

2013-08-28 18.19.58

Shape the free edge with a 240 grit file – I chose to shape them a soft rounded edge and following his cuticle line to match up

2013-08-28 18.23.34

Add conditioner to nailplate and surrounding skin as well – I used CND Solar Oil.

2013-08-28 18.28.01Gently buff the nailplate to a light shine – I MOST DEF do not make them shine – He’s a dude, not a princess. So with my 1200 grit Koala Buffer, I get the perfect shine for a male nailplate. I buffed the oil into the nail using the Koala. Don’t apply to much pressure, and make sure checking the high shine while buffing (just wipe of dust/excess oil during) to check out how shiny it becomes.




2013-08-28 18.32.17

All Ready for “I Do” on Saturday

Have you ever done a male manicure?



CND Brisa Lite Removable Top Coat


Have you nailfreaks tried it out yet??

It is ABSOLUTELY amazing! And at the moment I’m kinda having a little innocent affair with the Top Coat. I use it on my regular Brisa Gels and I love the texture, the high shine and it’s a bit more edible-in-a-funky-kinda-way


If you haven’t tried it yet, go fetch! 

Favorite color: CND Shellac

Jus created this beauty!




It was supposed to be a soft nude, but as I (don’t know how?!) ran out of Cocoa, I mixed this color by using 50/50 Studio White and Romantique and toned the color with Sugared Spice and Rubble. I really love it!

I’m gonna wear it to! And shape my nails back to almond. Do you like it?

These are CND Brisa Gel Enhancements with CND Shellac



We had our monogram done by FAB Ditte Marie  – She’s a really close friend of mine as well as family – Who could ask for a better combo?

Why monogram? Because it’s fun! Every girl is a little princess, so I want one too!  Plus, I like the idea of maybe getting it tattooed some day.

And it’s beautiful, Ditte did a great job – I can’t wait to see it in real action at the wedding soon!


Btw, we’re B & M if any doubts