LMFAO!!! Twice!

With all due respect, I am a CND Girl to the bones, and considering all the brands that tried to copy CND Shellac shortly after they launched it (even though Shellac took several years in developing and testing) this video show the difference in a funny way. It’s in danish, so I apologize for you international readers in advance. But it might be en english as well on youtube.

Have a lovely weekend y’all!

FTW, I didn’t make this video, I just posted it 🙂


Favorite Color: CND Shellac Layering

New in, new nails! I did my own nails last night, with CND Shellac color “Bare Chemise” layered with – hold your breath!….  “Romantique” It turned out beautiful – a soooooft nude rose beige color. None of the new “Intimates collection” are perfect for my skintone so I have to try to mix them up a little bit.

Here I did a handpainted lace as well. I used Nail Art Paint bought at icgroup.dk, for the detailed work I used the Master Detailer brush – the lace is def not perfect, but from  a far it looks so cool!


2013-11-27 23.40.10
2013-11-28 10.39.382013-11-28 10.39.25

2013-11-28 10.39.55



Stunning!!! She makes me wanna go all red!

Riri-Hearts-MAC-Holidaycos-02-rihanna-stiletto-nails-xl US-MUSIC-GRAMMY AWARDS-ARRIVALSRihanna+Brooklyn+Decker+Rihanna+attending+PwIMKNOJoUDl Rihanna+Nails+Dark+Nail+Polish+ql0ei5-lhz9lriri-nailsriri21 untitled_0tumblr_ldcor3f4eF1qa3cq2o1_500_large



Birthday Weekend

My babyboy turned 5 sunday!. Holy F* as time flies – I can’t believe it.
He had an amazing weekend, with 2 birthdays in 2 days – best presents ever and a CRAZY CAKE!! OMG!



Believe it! It’s a giant Oreo!


All Vanilla Buttercreamed up!kage1

Leftovers… Wuz’ gooooood!!! 😀


Recipe will follow

Ombre again…

Can you ever get tired of  faded manicures and leopard? I’m not done with it, that’s for sure
Here I used City Scape, and faded a Custom Pink over and layered the pink with Strawberry Smoothie CND Shellac.

2013-11-15 16.27.06

2013-11-15 16.27.13

Statement Nails

That little extra funk, when wearing a 2+ toned manicure. It’s states Classic elegance – and the twist adds the funk!

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