Favorite Color: Neon Yellow

I had these nails for new years, and I never got tired of them. I’ll make them yellow again soon, that’s for sure. I loved them!

Skærmbillede 2014-02-05 kl. 00.37.20

And recently a created this color, I actually just added CND Shellac Blackpool to CND Shellac Silverchrome, as I don’t fancy the silver chrome too much, I just wanted to shapen it up a bit.. It turned out really cool for a neutral or colder skin tone – for my tone it has to a bit darker, maybe I’ll do that some day, or just keep it as it is. I ordered Silver Chrome 1 year ago, and never used it, so it was time for some changes

Skærmbillede 2014-02-05 kl. 00.37.33 Skærmbillede 2014-02-05 kl. 00.37.44



It’s oh so quiet!…
I am so sorry for being so un-inspirational these days. My life has been crazy the last couple of months.
And I really do owe  you guys an explanation on why I closed my salon and tell you a bit about my new life, but.. It will not be today, cause check out this awesomeness!!!

These girls, The Laser Girls, create awesome nail designs with a , wait for it!….

3D printer!. I am studiyng to be a MediaDesigner (it’s graphic artwork and web designs) and this freakin cool! Trust me, these programs is just as difficult to work with as a brush and sculpting powder. Once you master this, you’re a true artist!.. And I love the idea.. It’s really funny, and you can actual buy their designs from Shapeways Store 

tumblr_mzlpc4du5B1t07yf3o2_400 tumblr_mzlpc4du5B1t07yf3o3_1280


All pictures are Credits to The Laser Girls

Spring is coming!

And I loooove these shades. I wish they’d come in CND Shellac! – They’re JUST pastel perfect!

chic_nail_art_idea-1 cute-pastel-nails33-pastel-nail-ideas-spring--large-msg-136390946802

pastel nail art 2pastel-easter-nails Pastel-nail-art-designs-nail-jewelry33-pastel-nail-ideas-spring--large-msg-136390951963 pastel-nails-1

0420-nail-polish-pastel-roses_bdpastel-nails-butter-blog pastel-nails-2 pastel-nails-bracelets-e1339635476405pastel-nails-triangle-studs pastel-nails pastel-shooting-star-nails


None of the shown nails are mine – just tumblr. 🙂

Favorite Color: CND Shellac Blackpool

OMG! I love these babies..

My new nails ready for Christmas and a lovely weekend trip to Malmø on Saturday – Can’t wait!..


Skærmbillede 2013-12-18 kl. 23.12.09


Beautiful Matte Nails – done with 2 Layers of Masquerade and topped with one layer of Decadence. I add 2 thin layers of CND Shellac top Coat, and then matte them off with a 180 grit buffer, it turns out really matte, and it last longer than if you do it with a Glossing Block. They look Rad!!!


By K – Nailpolish


Allright, Ima do this post in danish FTW, and translate some of it in the end of the post.

Jeg har testet et par nye lakke fra et Dansk (YAJ!) firma der hedder By K. By K er dansk design, nordisk fornuft og produceret med omtanke. Det er en strategi jeg er vild med. Lakkene kommer i sæson farver, og formår at ramme rigtig fint i takt med moden skifter.

Lakkene går under kategorien 5-free. Dvs de er produceret uden formaldehyd, toluene, camphor, formaldehyd-resin og parabener. Der er jeg så en smule nørdet, og kan ikke se hvad parabener skulle gøre godt for alligevel i en neglelak – anyways! De er SÅ nemme at påføre, I kommer til at elske dem, og så holder de faktisk rigtig flot.

Jeg har testet dem på 3 damer i familien, som er vant til at have lak eller CND Shellac på. Lakken er lagt på uden brug af basecoat, da By K endnu ikke fører over og underlakke i sortimentet. Og der er lagt CND Vinylux Weekly Topcoat på. 
Billederne er taget på dag 1, 3 og 4 – og af en helt almindelig lak, synes jeg at den gør det ret godt!.

Den er lagt på med 2 lag farve, i tynde lag. Og den dækker så flot og så er de nemme at påføre og så tørrer på kort tid! 

Jeg har brugt farverne No. 56 Autumn Leaf, No 55, Cabernet (FLOT!!!) og den klassiske røde fra deres julekollektion (vejl. kr. 109,-)





3/4 dage


OG SÅ KOSTER DE KUN kr. 99, vejl udsalgspris! Det er da en perfekt pris.

Du kan købe dem lige hér…


Hvis man er ude i noget med at rate dem, så får de 5 uf ad 6! 😀 Jeg er glad!

Favorite Color: CND Shellac Wildfire

This is the first time I’ll be wearing long and red nails. And I’m def’ loving it..
I’m wearing CND Shellac in color Wildfire, and a bit of details (simple to create) with one layer of CND Shellac Sugared Spice, layered with CND Shellac Tinsel Toast and handpainted the black with black Nail paint and the Master Detailer Brush.

The Wildfire is also available in CND Vinylux for lacquering your nails at home

Skærmbillede 2013-12-11 kl. 10.48.54


I love my BF, and just did some bad perfect reds on her! Check out her blog, trust me, it’s really worth it!

Skærmbillede 2013-12-02 kl. 21.01.54

Favorite Color: CND Shellac Layering

New in, new nails! I did my own nails last night, with CND Shellac color “Bare Chemise” layered with – hold your breath!….  “Romantique” It turned out beautiful – a soooooft nude rose beige color. None of the new “Intimates collection” are perfect for my skintone so I have to try to mix them up a little bit.

Here I did a handpainted lace as well. I used Nail Art Paint bought at icgroup.dk, for the detailed work I used the Master Detailer brush – the lace is def not perfect, but from  a far it looks so cool!


2013-11-27 23.40.10
2013-11-28 10.39.382013-11-28 10.39.25

2013-11-28 10.39.55



Stunning!!! She makes me wanna go all red!

Riri-Hearts-MAC-Holidaycos-02-rihanna-stiletto-nails-xl US-MUSIC-GRAMMY AWARDS-ARRIVALSRihanna+Brooklyn+Decker+Rihanna+attending+PwIMKNOJoUDl Rihanna+Nails+Dark+Nail+Polish+ql0ei5-lhz9lriri-nailsriri21 untitled_0tumblr_ldcor3f4eF1qa3cq2o1_500_large