Them Guests



2013-08-23 16.10.16



My mother in law with Gotcha layered with Moonlight & Roses

2013-08-23 18.27.11

Bridesmaid, Iben with homemade mix on toenails


2013-08-23 22.16.16

Bridesmaid, Mitzi getting her natural nails extended with CND Brisa gel

2013-08-23 23.15.55

Bridesmaid Mitzi now with Shellac in homemade color


2013-08-23 23.16.40

Bridesmaid, Maria wearing beautiful Dark Lava


2013-08-24 00.19.21

Bridesmaid, Diana wearing Studio White faded with Cake Pop

2013-08-26 19.19.41

Little sis’ wearing Hollywood and red glitter

2013-08-26 19.20.03

Other little sis’ wearing Hot Chilis with gold glitter


2013-08-26 19.20.24

My dads wifey wearing Tutti Frutti!


2013-08-26 19.21.37


Still be missing pictures of the other Bridesmaids (5 in all) and some of the other guest. Oh well, might be the one wedding where all guests have beautiful nails 😉


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