Tutorial: Gold Foil Triangle


Yaj! My personal favorite is hands down – easy and simple nailart.
Here I’m wearing the new CND Shellac color Dandelion from the Flora & Fauna Collection. But I wanted a little something extra on them, so I added gold foil at the cuticle area with gold foil.

Here’s how to.. (Trust me, you’ll be like, DOH! When you see how easy it is 😛 )



Tutorial – Laces

Allright, did a little video on how I paint the lace look with Nail Paint. I used CND Shellac In Color Wildfire and White Nail Paint, painted with the Master Detailer Brush


Have you ever thought of offering a manicure to a guy before? Yes, why? Add if no? Howcome? Men tend to have really rough looking nails, with hangnails, uneven edges and seriously dry cuticles.  Oh well, I just did my H2B nails, as we’re getting hitched (for Shizz’!) on Saturday I insisted on fixing his nails up a bit.

Here’s a picture tutorial on my version of a male-manicure.

2013-08-28 18.04.42Before:


2013-08-28 18.08.31

Add Cuticle Away to each cuticle, let it work it’s business 1-2 minutes, then wipe off with a lintfree pad, and gently remove non-living tissue on nailplate  – AND please cut of hangnails and the heavy and dried up cuticle – be careful not to remove living tissue around the eponychium.

2013-08-28 18.19.58

Shape the free edge with a 240 grit file – I chose to shape them a soft rounded edge and following his cuticle line to match up

2013-08-28 18.23.34

Add conditioner to nailplate and surrounding skin as well – I used CND Solar Oil.

2013-08-28 18.28.01Gently buff the nailplate to a light shine – I MOST DEF do not make them shine – He’s a dude, not a princess. So with my 1200 grit Koala Buffer, I get the perfect shine for a male nailplate. I buffed the oil into the nail using the Koala. Don’t apply to much pressure, and make sure checking the high shine while buffing (just wipe of dust/excess oil during) to check out how shiny it becomes.




2013-08-28 18.32.17

All Ready for “I Do” on Saturday

Have you ever done a male manicure?