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These Instagram photos are some of my favorites. If you dont follow me on Instagram yet, find me hereInsta

Favorite Color: CND Shellac Layering

New in, new nails! I did my own nails last night, with CND Shellac color “Bare Chemise” layered with – hold your breath!….  “Romantique” It turned out beautiful – a soooooft nude rose beige color. None of the new “Intimates collection” are perfect for my skintone so I have to try to mix them up a little bit.

Here I did a handpainted lace as well. I used Nail Art Paint bought at, for the detailed work I used the Master Detailer brush – the lace is def not perfect, but from  a far it looks so cool!


2013-11-27 23.40.10
2013-11-28 10.39.382013-11-28 10.39.25

2013-11-28 10.39.55


Medina – Kranz & Ziegler

Oh Lord! Totally forgot these beauties! Lovely commercial for Danish Jewelry Company “Kranz & Ziegler”

We did Brisa Gel enhancements with  custom blended colors on her – I love them!


Forever French

Allright, it’s hands down the hardest thing to do to perfection! And it’s actually really hard to make them look natural. I’ve found some pictures of beautiful french enhancements, made with L&P or Gels.



Made by Nail Beauty


By Laila Høgh Munk-Jensen 

fransk2fransk42 above is made by me.

fransk5-nørgardKlinik Nørgaard

fransk6 mejaneComepetition nails made by Jane Smidt at MeJane

fransk6 mettes

And these are made by Mette Steenberg at Negleuniverset.

The Moment You’ve All Waited For…


All credits to our crazy-good photographer, Lars Wichmann who of course owns all rights to these. He’s INSANE and the best!.. 


Check them out! (More pictures from the wedding soon to come)

Them Wedding Nails


(I cry tears of joy every time I look at pictures from the wedding – even this one.. It’s apparently NOT “just nails” 😉 )

Do you guys like them?

Them Guests



2013-08-23 16.10.16



My mother in law with Gotcha layered with Moonlight & Roses

2013-08-23 18.27.11

Bridesmaid, Iben with homemade mix on toenails


2013-08-23 22.16.16

Bridesmaid, Mitzi getting her natural nails extended with CND Brisa gel

2013-08-23 23.15.55

Bridesmaid Mitzi now with Shellac in homemade color


2013-08-23 23.16.40

Bridesmaid, Maria wearing beautiful Dark Lava


2013-08-24 00.19.21

Bridesmaid, Diana wearing Studio White faded with Cake Pop

2013-08-26 19.19.41

Little sis’ wearing Hollywood and red glitter

2013-08-26 19.20.03

Other little sis’ wearing Hot Chilis with gold glitter


2013-08-26 19.20.24

My dads wifey wearing Tutti Frutti!


2013-08-26 19.21.37


Still be missing pictures of the other Bridesmaids (5 in all) and some of the other guest. Oh well, might be the one wedding where all guests have beautiful nails 😉

Perfect Nails for “I do”

The question I get the most these days is” So, how’s your wedding nails gonna look like?”

I have an idea, ever since I did it on Medinas nails back in 2009, I wanted it for my wedding. But in some ways, I do feel a little to gipsy-bride with blinged out nails, and I am a nude natural kinda girl.. But it’s my wedding?.. Help!

What do you think?


All Natural Nude like these



Or in a soft pink shade?



Blinged out for the fun of it!?

Medina X faktor images375894_159111650853059_680055459_n 1012108_473480826077926_743671716_n

Last picture borrowed from Karina Majlund @