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Cool Halloween Nails – I def’ don’t do theme nails – it is really not my thing – but hey! If it makes you feel inspired, go try out some fun details for your halloween nail look. If I had to do mine for Halloween, it would be the bloody ones on pic’ 4 😀
halloween_nails-5153tumblr_inline_mufie8bOtx1s7b4wn halloween9

Bloodsplattered nails-halloween manicures tumblr_lskndu3MRI1qglx0bo1_500 halloween-nails

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Favorite Colors: Fall Nails

Beauties with Masquerade, Dark Lava, Gold Glitter, Blackpool, and Dark Lava layered with Masquerade on natural nails.


Danmarks Næste Topmodel 2014

Oh well, remember the beautiful CND Shellac manicured nails  I posted @Instagram a couple of weeks ago? With the color “Faux Fur”?
As the header says, two of my talented colleagues, Mette and Julia and I helped out at one of the shoots for “Denmarks Next Topmodel 2014” back in the spring.  Almost all the girls got their nails enhanced or at least polished with CND Shellac or CND Vinylux.
Here´s a couple af pictures of the girls. Too bad the nails weren’t exposed that much in the final result – when spending and entire day at the shoot – Oh Well, that’s just how it is sometimes.
Unfortunately I wasn’t at home thursday, (I was out educating future talented CND Shellac girls) as it was on tv, but I hope to find the episode @kanal5.dk in the near future. ‘Till then, here’s some photos from the day and the final pictures.


foto 3-1foto 1

Mette applying “Cream Puff” to enhancements.

foto 2 foto 1-1
Andrea wearing “Faux Fur, CND Shellacfoto 4-1
Mette & I did a hand each on Mette, with color “Cocoa”

 foto 3 foto 4

 1376445_677899805556173_178702820_n 1394782_435347239910581_469611416_n 1374365_1464899153734279_282901199_n 1383279_409686432493483_2055487962_n 1377372_217559038419929_2126960894_n

And this one with Louise, is my favorite!


Se lidt videoer fra dagen her

Forever French

Allright, it’s hands down the hardest thing to do to perfection! And it’s actually really hard to make them look natural. I’ve found some pictures of beautiful french enhancements, made with L&P or Gels.



Made by Nail Beauty


By Laila Høgh Munk-Jensen 

fransk2fransk42 above is made by me.

fransk5-nørgardKlinik Nørgaard

fransk6 mejaneComepetition nails made by Jane Smidt at MeJane

fransk6 mettes

And these are made by Mette Steenberg at Negleuniverset.

Mineral Makeup

I am a fan of Mineralogie Makeup – all natural shizz’ and actually the highest SPF in makeup on the market, with SPF 26 my skin is well taken care of.  You can read all about the ingredients and benefits on their website. Or check out the danish distributor for retailers list.

I use their cream concealer, loose foundation, bronzer, blush, brow powder, brushes! Well yeah, almost everything. And they just made this beautiful palette, “Hollywood Glamour” and this turquoise pressed eyeshadow, “Sea Mist”! Couldn’t resist getting it..

And I found myself needing a new blush, so ended up with this “Classy Coral Blush”


2013-10-14 16.48.34 2013-10-14 16.48.57 2013-10-14 16.49.04 2013-10-14 16.49.17 2013-10-14 16.49.38

Favorite Color: Dark Lava

This is one of my Top 5 favorite Colors of all time, hands down! BEAUTIFUL COLOR!

Introducing, CND Shellac in color Dark Lava.

2013-08-22 14.22.54

2013-08-23 23.16.40

2013-10-13 11.44.40 2013-10-13 11.45.02 2013-10-13 11.45.38

First picture; 1 x Romantique, 1 x Clearly Pink, actually only 1 x Dark Lava applied as a french manicure
Pic 2;  Dark Lava x 2
Pic 3; Dark Lava x 2 and 2 nails with a gold glitter edge
Pic 4; Mum ‘n daughter 🙂
Pic 5; Dark Lava x2 layered with Decadence x 1 makes it a bit more brown undertone and creme, you can hardly see the metallic effect through the Decadence. It’s nice and elegant.

Tutorial: Feathered Nails

Have you tried wearing feathers to your nails?  Either you can handpaint the feather, as I did on the first picture, it is actually really easy, and it looks quite cool. Just ad different shades and maybe some glitter to it, and it’ll look awesome. I used Black Nail Paint, CND Shellac in Color Sugared Spice and Studio White to create a slight effect.

2013-10-13 18.22.49

Next I tried making them with real feathers, I used Guinea Silver Pheasant feathers ind black and white, (Perlehøns in danish) bought on Etsy or panduro.dk   I made a little tutorial, it is really easy and looks so contemporary, bohemian chique and natural! Do you like the look?

2013-10-13 19.20.59 2013-10-13 19.23.16


New Nails : CND Brisa gels

Oh well, I didn’t go short for a long time. I’m back to normal now, with my crazy long nails, keeping them all natural looking. They are extended on a form, because my natural nails are half way there, so no need filing them short. I used CND Brisa gels with color Warm Pink Opaque. They’re not half way perfect, I did them just before going out with the girls last night…. (-after drinks 😉 )

2013-10-12 21.32.17 2013-10-12 21.32.30

Editorial : Fault Magazine


I am in love with this editorial

Tao-of-Wu-nails-mani-editorial Tao-of-Wu-nails-mani-editorial-1 Tao-of-Wu-nails-mani-editorial-2 Tao-of-Wu-nails-mani-editorial-3



MagazineFault Magazine
Title: Tao of Wu
Photography: Wendy Hope / Maxine Tall Management
Model: Wu Ting Ting of Wilhelmina Models
NailsNailz by Honey
Make upMargina Dennis
Photography Assistant: Colleen Lidz
Concept: Wendy Hope

Gorgeous nails from Nailz by Honey!