Lips ‘n Nails

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Ombre again…

Can you ever get tired of  faded manicures and leopard? I’m not done with it, that’s for sure
Here I used City Scape, and faded a Custom Pink over and layered the pink with Strawberry Smoothie CND Shellac.

2013-11-15 16.27.06

2013-11-15 16.27.13

New Nails : CND Brisa gels

Oh well, I didn’t go short for a long time. I’m back to normal now, with my crazy long nails, keeping them all natural looking. They are extended on a form, because my natural nails are half way there, so no need filing them short. I used CND Brisa gels with color Warm Pink Opaque. They’re not half way perfect, I did them just before going out with the girls last night…. (-after drinks 😉 )

2013-10-12 21.32.17 2013-10-12 21.32.30

Favorite Color: Dripping Nails – Cake Pop!

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I’ll be wearing my dripping nails, with CND Shellac “Cake Pop” and “Cream Puff” – one finger layered with white glitter. And yup, I didn’t extend them, just wearing them short till they grow long by them selves.