Forever French

Allright, it’s hands down the hardest thing to do to perfection! And it’s actually really hard to make them look natural. I’ve found some pictures of beautiful french enhancements, made with L&P or Gels.



Made by Nail Beauty


By Laila Høgh Munk-Jensen 

fransk2fransk42 above is made by me.

fransk5-nørgardKlinik Nørgaard

fransk6 mejaneComepetition nails made by Jane Smidt at MeJane

fransk6 mettes

And these are made by Mette Steenberg at Negleuniverset.


New Nails : CND Brisa gels

Oh well, I didn’t go short for a long time. I’m back to normal now, with my crazy long nails, keeping them all natural looking. They are extended on a form, because my natural nails are half way there, so no need filing them short. I used CND Brisa gels with color Warm Pink Opaque. They’re not half way perfect, I did them just before going out with the girls last night…. (-after drinks 😉 )

2013-10-12 21.32.17 2013-10-12 21.32.30