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Favorite Color: CND Shellac Blackpool

OMG! I love these babies..

My new nails ready for Christmas and a lovely weekend trip to Malmø on Saturday – Can’t wait!..


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Beautiful Matte Nails – done with 2 Layers of Masquerade and topped with one layer of Decadence. I add 2 thin layers of CND Shellac top Coat, and then matte them off with a 180 grit buffer, it turns out really matte, and it last longer than if you do it with a Glossing Block. They look Rad!!!


Candy Christmas


Did some candy cane Christmas nails on Cristal the other night. They turned out awesome!
As said before I am NOT a fan of theme nails, but hey, it’s christmas, and I’m really trying to keep it as simple as possible, but it’s really hard this time of year.


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I love the Candy Cane Nails, but check out the awesome thumb! It’s a mix of Green, Red and Gold glitter! I love it, it’s a true Disney Christmas Tree Nail

Logo Merch!

I just received the coolest coffee mug ever! A mix af favorite brands: Louboutin & CND! 🙂 That’s creative – and yeah, you’d DEF have to be a CND Nerd to think this is cool – anyways I think I’ll stick to my beautiful Royal Copenhagen mugs instead, and spoil my clients with this one.

2013-12-15 00.47.05 2013-12-15 00.47.26

Favorite Color: CND Shellac Wildfire

This is the first time I’ll be wearing long and red nails. And I’m def’ loving it..
I’m wearing CND Shellac in color Wildfire, and a bit of details (simple to create) with one layer of CND Shellac Sugared Spice, layered with CND Shellac Tinsel Toast and handpainted the black with black Nail paint and the Master Detailer Brush.

The Wildfire is also available in CND Vinylux for lacquering your nails at home

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I love my BF, and just did some bad perfect reds on her! Check out her blog, trust me, it’s really worth it!

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