I’d never wear or do these

Allright, while we’re at the shape issue – these are some that I’d never wear or even do!


The Edge Nails

edge edge1


The Lipstick (Why?!)


The Fan (WTF?!) fanThis last one is pure ugliness!! YIAKS!


I love Sweden!

Allright, this is really important! It shows that the Swedish Health and Medicines Authority is taking this issue very seriously and thinking about making a law against home UV nail products, and I really hope they will do the same ind Denmark – as for now I have allready heard a lot of awful stories about peopple using home UV products and causing extreme damage to themselves and has developed crazy allergies and skin irritations. So tak eacre of yourself, allways go see a pro for nailtreatment, hairtreatments and everything else. There IS a reason why we teach and get educated on our field. Please have respect for yourself and your beautician.

Skærmbillede 2014-05-15 kl. 10.44.20


allergi allergi1


LMFAO!!! Twice!

With all due respect, I am a CND Girl to the bones, and considering all the brands that tried to copy CND Shellac shortly after they launched it (even though Shellac took several years in developing and testing) this video show the difference in a funny way. It’s in danish, so I apologize for you international readers in advance. But it might be en english as well on youtube.

Have a lovely weekend y’all!

FTW, I didn’t make this video, I just posted it 🙂