Bridesmaids FTW

I had the most amazing bridesmaids ever! For you international readers, bridesmaids are not that common in Denmark, but I went all the way at mine, so of course it included 5 of my best friends all dressed in similar dresses

They planned my AWESOME bachelorette party, got spoiled with a pair of Louboutins btw?!
And the night before the wedding we just had the most amazing time, slumber party all the way, 6 girls haveing a sleep over at our age, incredible! 🙂 Must do it again, girls!.

Some pictures from the day before the wedding and the morning 🙂

First friday morning, 3 of us had a Spraytan, California Tan, did at Klinik Nørgaard – they did an amazing job – then home to my crib getting the bouquets ready for saturday.

2013-08-30 13.14.03 2013-08-30 13.14.11 2013-08-30 13.14.29 2013-08-30 13.24.45  2013-08-30 13.26.22 2013-08-30 20.27.23

Getting our wine and sushi on

2013-08-31 08.57.54


2013-08-31 09.08.48 2013-08-31 10.04.55 2013-08-31 10.05.38

My BEAUTIFUL BF, Christel, getting her Pixi Monroe on!2013-08-31 10.05.19 2013-08-31 10.35.46

2013-08-31 10.41.03 2013-08-31 10.50.31 2013-08-31 11.38.23

Jimmy Choo’s!

2013-08-31 11.49.07

Michelle Lerchedal from the MAC trainer team working her magic!

2013-08-31 12.13.26

Tearin’ a little bit up, as the veil was styled

2013-08-31 12.21.49


 2013-08-31 12.24.10

Beautiful hair did by amazing Stine Korsled from Salon Luxor

2013-08-31 12.29.51

My dad catching a glimpse, seeing his daughter in the dress .. Beautiful!

2013-08-31 12.35.21

Final touch up

2013-08-31 12.44.58

Ready to go..

2013-08-31 12.45.53 2013-08-31 12.47.59 2013-08-31 12.53.23

My lovely son, Carlos ready walk the aisleManja & Benjamin 1052 Manja & Benjamin 1062 Manja & Benjamin 389 Manja & Benjamin 417 Manja & Benjamin 421 Manja & Benjamin 428 - Version 2 Manja & Benjamin 434 - Version 2 Manja & Benjamin 442kopi

Manja & Benjamin 847

BF, Maria throwing a speach

Manja & Benjamin 850

passing it on to BF, Christel

Manja & Benjamin 858

Passing it on to BF, Mitzi, who gave the word to

Manja & Benjamin 865

 BF Diana

Manja & Benjamin 876

and then BF, Iben finished of! WHAT A CRAZY experience! the 5 best friends in my life – each standing up and throwing me a speech! I was breathtaken and humble and happy! I love you, girls!

Manja & Benjamin 881 Manja & Benjamin 885 Manja & Benjamin 888

Of caourse we had to perform the song they made for me at my bachelorette party, and perform it to the guest. And they seemed to be into it! So freakin awesome! What a party!2013-08-31 17.46.31

And the noble task of a bridesmaid!. Helping me getting back into the dress again!:. Hahahaha!



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